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Hi all @ cbeebies I would like to commend you all on a super children's channel!! We watch on sky Ireland and its on most of the day!! My son Matthew is 8 and we watched cbeebies from a very young age and loved all the programmes. We have a 2 year old boy Jamie in our care at the moment and he absolutely loves cbeebies!!! I can't name any favourites because he honestly enjoys them all!!!! It brings back lovley memories of watching with Matthew when he was a small child ❤️ Well done to you all, its a fantastic channel and keep up the great work. We LOVE cbeebies!!! Blessings from Matthew, Jamie and mammy Liz!!!!


I'm 12 with autism, plus I'm your biggest fan because I love that all your shows teach life lessons! I like that you're highly educational, but, In the Night Garden is a horrible influence.

The characters do nothing but dance, ride on the Ninky Nonk and/or Pinky Ponk, and speak even more Gibberish! This junky and non-educational show sets kids back a year with their language development and messes up their social skills, and just as Barney aired some years ago and was horrible for toddlers ... then so is Iggle-Piggle! Squeaking and Shaking his Red Blanket. (Could you please take that show off and replace it with the Wiggles?)

Woolly and Tig is about a toy spider who comes to life. That's fiction, not real! How can Spiders talk when they just say nothing?

Lastly, the Apple Tree House kids are constantly talking about their parents. has anyone questioned why it's necessary to display the same characters and to emphasize so strongly on William Vanderpuye's character? Constantly, instead of actually giving the child some learning and creativity it's like a constant smack in the face if you do not have a mommy and daddy or a grandpa. the Yo Awesome Awesome kids didn't constantly talk about their families! They was brilliant. They told everyone they had a friend ..They told children how things were created.. Some of their friends stopped by and they have dance parties. They don't constantly throw it anyones face of a (Mom,dad, or grandparents) and if you didn't have a mom or dad was Okay you had the Awesome gang- 6 friends I can say personally for my own experience it that is very important to a child that grows up without a mother and feel connected to a character that displays a concern and love and gives education - INSTEAD of a constant reminder of what family members you may or may not have. Think about your audience ...this is free British programming. In most cases families with mommies and daddies have cable and their children are watching Disney and Nickelodeon. As to where Free public broadcasting channels will have families from broken homes,poverty, homes,hospitals (orphaned children) why can't you remember that? I refuse now ,to ever let him watch the show again as much as he loves it although I love the way they teach children to deal with their emotions they are also hurting the children that do not have the "average" UK family build up .


CBeebies, please get rid of In the Night Garden, Apple Tree House, and Woolly and Tig. They're horrible influences! In the Night Garden characters only speak Gibberish. They run and hoover around and it's not suitible for preschoolers. Please replace it with a preschool Australian series called the Wiggles. The kids in Apple Tree House constantly talk about their parents. When the Yo Awesome Awesome kids didn't, they were brilliant! Replace it with a 2019 Flash CC Animated cartoon called Dorothy Does It that teaches kids about math, science, language arts and social studies. Woolly and Tig is about a toy spider who comes to life. That's fiction, not real! How can Spiders talk when they don't do so? Please replace it with a 2018 CGI animated series called Cats In Paradise that teaches kids about problem solving and social studies.



My 5 year old son Luke is obsessed with Numberblocks. A video on youtube led him to a game called "Make and Play" which I believe is under construction and will be available at some stage on the Cbeebies website. We live in Ireland maybe we are not eligible to play?

Luke asks me every morning, all day and last thing at night, when will the 'Make and Play' numberblocks game be ready please?

I promised him I would try to find out by getting in touch with you. I believe there are many little boys and girls very obsessed by the numberblocks and they hang on every move! Luke already owns 4 sets of them we bought from the magazine.

Any information would be gratefully accepted!

desperate mother LOL

Miriam & Luke


Can my 6 year old son is looking for an email address to send in a picture of his den to CBeebies.

Thank you


Hello from Florida,

I am sending a message to see if there is a way to buy a set of number blocks. I have a son named Isaac and he has Autism. He has a fascination with letters and numbers. His newest fascination is with your show the Number Blocks. He found the show while looking at other similar shows on YouTube.

I hope you can help.

Thanks, David Sosnowski.

Part of his behavior


I really love this site. Keep up the good work!


I'm 5 and Numberblocks is my favorite show! I can only watch short clips on YouTube. Will you please bring full episodes to the United States? Thank you so much! Jacob