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Recent Feedback


I just have to write to say that I think Justin Fletcher who plays Mr tumbles and many other characters on your channel is such a magnificent person. He's a real asset to the programming schedule and can be enjoyed by young and old! All presenters and programmes are great however Justin and his many characters are definitely the favourite in this house. He's seems like a real great person. Carmel.


Dear Sir/Madam, My 6 year old boy is obsessed with numberblocks, he knows all the episodes and he is so crazy about that program, we had to make a numberblock 5 costume for him for Halloween cos he didn't want anything other costume. The only problem we have is that it is very hard to find any numberblock things (he is asking for a numberblock electronic game for xmas and when I said I wasn't sure if Santa would be able to find that he answered that Santa is magic and of course he will be able to find it!


My son loves swashbuckle... How do you apply to get in to the audience for a show or can I buy a ticket ?


Hello My son is really into number blocks. And it had helped him count and to mathematics. He is 8yrs old, wonderful boy. He is autistic, non verbal, and he discover them on his own and loves the number blocks. He has learned and under stands addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division all with in a year of finding the number blocks. I have been trying to find some merchandise of the number blocks for him for christmas, stuff number block, coloring books and figures. Can you direct me into the right spot to purchase some or a store that have them. We live in Washington state in the US. Please help us. I want to thank you guys so much for this show. I could not imagine a way to help him understand Math and you guys have unlocked his brain to help him grow. That you so much. This mother have can not thank you enough.


Hi there, We are huge fans of The Baby Club in our house. I was wondering is Baby Bear on sale anywhere? My child would love it for Christmas. Keep up the great work Nigel and Giovanna. Thanks. A



How do we apply for tickets to any of your shows run by CBeebies? and whereabouts are the studios in the U.K.?

Thanks Helen [Ireland]

Catherine Hughes

Hi folks two big fans in our house 18mth old & 2.75 with a big 3rd birthday coming up we'd love to send in a birthday poster for a mention. If you can let me know sizes and address etc looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Catherine


Hey. Cbeebies. Can you create my idea of an Numberblocks spin-Off "Five in Earth" numbering five is the same but with Fingers on a hand and feet.And She Flyed Herself to New York City by her own plane. She would never see any numbers unless the Magic mirror or touching a hand And saying a number. And she got several new friends. It will also air in over 30 languages in 40 countries

Christopher Rosemond

Hello, I'm Christopher Rosemond. I heard about "Go Jetters" and The show is amazing. This show talks about The Go Jetters on traveling the world. I'm are planning a project based on Go Jetters. This one is in development with One Studios.

From Christopher Rosemond. P.S. I love Go Jetters.


How do we send fort photos to CBeebies?