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Recent Feedback


Dear sir/madam, My 5 yo son is a huge Numberblocks fan, so first of all thanks for creating these series. As we live in the Netherlands he uses Youtube to watch every available video and after that he keeps drawing other numberblocks, sometimes all day long. He really wants to know which numberblocks 1-21? are the 'official' numberblocks and if more new numberblocks will be added in the future. Can you share some information about this? Thanks in advance for your help and best regards, Lukas


Hi, My son loves your blocks show! It’s really very well done! We noticed the blocks are talking in British accent. Could you please let us know if you have one set of DVD that is with American accent? Thank you! Grace


Hi, I make TV content have recently tried out making a 5 minute cooking style show with my daughter here in Nairobi, Kenya and wondered if you buy/commission for content outside the U.K. We would love to provide you with content and happy to custom make it to your needs. Kindly get in touch. Regards Mwania here is the link and password is - Cooking (capital C)


I am Manuel Rivera, I am student at UCEVA University, I found you website because someone recommend it to me, I found it interesting and enjoyable, you are very creative, at the moment I am working on a proyect about education and podcast on children, and I need some podcast to bring about this proyect to use them on primary schools to develop their listening skills in public school, I would like to know if I can use your podcast to use them on my proyect, you will be announced in some articles about the great podcast that you have made, I appreciate your time. PD: I would need the copyright of the content.

Regards Manuel Rivera


Hi there, My Kinderbears love watching and learning from Nina and the Neurons! We used to watch her on Discovery Education but now, cannot find her anywhere. Our science program is hurting from the loss of her shows. Is there any way we can access her shows from our landlocked state of Colorado?

Please help us restore her amazing influence in our lives!

Thank you. God bless you! : )


Dear Sir/Madam, in our summer holidays in England, which we have really enjoyed, our sons learned some English words and phrases watching CBeeBies. One series they really loved watching was Go Jetters. Unfortunately we only realised too late that the Go Jetters magazine (July, #39) with some figures attached to it was sold at certain supermarkets/shops. Is there any chance to get/buy two magazines of #39 from Germany? Our sons would really appreciate it! We hope to hear from you soon and thank you very much in advance! Yours faithfully, Carsten Renner