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I am a project coordinator with AV2 Media Inc. We produce educational books for the school and library market. We are interested in using some of your videos for our digital learning environment.

I am seeking permission to upload a few minutes of some of your videos to our site. Most schools have restrictive Internet filtering software, and this is the only way to guarantee that content such as this can be viewed by students in a classroom environment. This is a service with no advertising, designed to help children engage with topics in an interactive manner.

We believe this particular video: would greatly benefit student learning and your permission would be appreciated. As a publishing company, we have a tight deadline on this project and hope to hear from you soon concerning this video.

If you could reply to this message directly or forward this message to the person who handles such requests, I would be most appreciative.

Best Regards, Doug Project Coordinator,

AV2 Media Inc.

Jonathan Meyer

Can you air the Numberblocks episode, Twenty on Monday, June 24th?


Dears in CBeebies, Motivating and sharing the joy of discovery, problem solving and experimenting, with the taste of imagination, humor and exaggeration is the idea that when I think about it makes me feel sparkling joy in my heart. I have some ideas that are a little bit clear and vague simultaneously. I was thinking about making and then contacting you but it was also stressful for me, so I thought maybe I should contact you and in case of getting any opinion or feedback or advice I can take my next steps more clearly. The idea that is jumping and playing happily in my head is about making series either as a side-project or even as the main activity in my life. About the artstyle I have came across to some ideas that both is connected with me and also put it in a pipeline and shorten the production. Talking about the general topic and idea: -My background is in computer science and engineering (B.Sc.), also in animation directing (M.F.A.), and am a self-taught photographer. -My favorite group of audience are both toddlers and teenagers, I like magical, whimsical and scientific imagery in junior stories, and also I am in love with the series for toddlers that are minimal in design and with a narration on them, cute and kawaii. Talking about toddlers, and kids, my interest topics are about fun facts and patterns in nature (both as shape and color also as behaviors in plants and animals, and geometry and biomimetic), also introducing physical sports, art and science stories are of my favorite topics, topics that help children make stronger connection with real world, caring about themselves and the world. I myself is (;-) am) at ages between toddler and teenager. I am big fan of animations for toddlers with a narration on it, both simple line drawings all in long shot, and those stop-motion with versatile shots and view angles (I love twirlywoos, Sarah and Duck). What I like about making for toddlers or children is about the time you put on experimenting the subject of episode and considering different possible results, that guess makes you think more creative, and even with more humor, I mean breaking the laws of real world makes it fun to learn and understand the facts in real world. I get along with children well, as I am the eldest in my siblings and every time we have guests and I make a child chuckle and draw their attention away from unwanted stuff, their parents wonder how I can do that. Thank you for reading my long email, if you have any advice, or any suggestion, or any priority about further steps I should take to clear my ideas and put them into real world, I would be so much grateful to read them. My best regards, -Hadis


Hello! We are interested in showing a YouTube video of yours at an upcoming conference--the Minnesota Early Intervention Summer Institute ( The YouTube video URL is (CBeebies | Everyone's Welcome.) We noticed that the closed caption subtitles are incorrect and we want to show the captions for those of our attendees who are hearing impaired. Is it possible for you to correct the captions on YouTube? This is what we are hoping.

If that's not possible, would we have permission to receive or download a copy of your video and correct the captions via one of our captioning tools and show it? If so, I believe I could then provide you with the corrected time-coded transcript that you could then upload to YouTube.

Our event takes place June 25-26, 2019, so a timely reply would be appreciated. Thank you so much!


My son loves Andy's dinausaur clock. Where could I purchase this in Ireland.?


My child LOVES the Numberblocks characters, but we live in the US. Is there a way to purchase Numberblock toys and merchandise living in the USA? Thank you for your help. :)


Yo whom it may concern,

I am an English teacher here in Spain, I teach my students of kindergarten phonics and I use your Alphablocks videos much. They love them and me too. I know that years ago in UK you sell magazines and a complete programme that I’m trying to buy anywhere, but it is impossible to found. Have you ever thought in selling your method here in Spain? We are many people here looking for a perfect phonics method: teachers, students and patents. If not, could you tell me where yo buy or download your material, it is perfect.

Thanks in advanced,



I remember a lot of old games on Cbeebies me and my friends are having a blast from the past night and I was wondering if there is any way to play old games that don't seem to be on the site like Kerwhizz.


Hello, Ik have a question. Our six year old autistic son is crazy about the Numberblocks. He watches them on YouTube en talks about them all the time. He draws them en makes them out of clay. He even introduced his favourite song "ten again" to his teacher in mathclass. But in the Netherlands there's nothing we can buy for him to play with. Is it possible to buy some numberblocks merchandise from you? Or do you have another sollution tot help our son so he will be able to play with his favourite characters? I hope to hear from you soon, so I can make my little man very happy!

Best regards, Annemarie


Are your products sold anywhere in the US? I have a 5 year old grandson who would love a magazine subscription and the blocks. Thanks so much.