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We love to hear from our little learners and their grown ups about CBeebies, so thank you for taking the time to look at our Audience Feedback section. This is where you can leave comments about the channel, ask us questions, and discuss CBeebies with other viewers. We may also post news about CBeebies which we think might interest you.

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Recent Feedback


Hi there, I would like to have my 5 year old daughter, Keya Bohra, to attend shows on cbeebies. She is a huge fan of Justin's House and Arty Party shows. Please advice how can we have her attend the shows in audience. Regards Megha Bohra London.


Hi I was wondering if there is a way we can get numberblocks sticker books/activities. My daughter is obsessed with Numberblocks and wants to do the sticker activities!


I live in the US and want to purchase a set of number blocks for my Grandson. Is there anywhere in the US that sells them. My Daughter is traveling to London in December can she purchase these in London? Thank you for your help.


Dear Sir, Madam,

My 8-year old son watches the series 'Swashbuckle' and he is a big fan of it. He wonders if there is a chance to take part in studio for the next programme recording?

Many thanks for clarifications and best wishes, Ewa


I recently watched the Cbeebies Prom, A Musical Journey to the Moon, with my two year old son. We both loved it and were enthralled. My son keeps wanting to watch it again, making rocket impressions and saying "moon". As I live in Ireland I am unable to get BBC I-Player. Is there anyway I could obtain a recording on dvd? I would happily pay for it if it is possible. It really would make my little boy happy. Kind Regards, Marcus Elliott.


Just to let you know that Monster Jetters or Ghoul Jetters would be for kids from 7 to 9 or 10 because the monsters would scare kids under the ages of 7.


Hello we just moved abroad and our kids really miss cbeebies chanel. Is there any chance they could still watch this from abroad? Thanks a lot Stan


Is there any way for a viewer in the United States to see the CBeebies production of The Tempest? I have seen preview videos but would like to see the entire production. Will it be made available for sale?


Hello. I want a Numberblocks Special magazine (11-15 Numberblocks cover). Would you tell me about the internationall shops you handle?

thank you. Tanaka.


Our 4 years old, Nico, loves the Octonauts show. We find it very educational and entertaining as well. Keep doing a great work.