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We love to hear from our little learners and their grown ups about CBeebies, so thank you for taking the time to look at our Audience Feedback section. This is where you can leave comments about the channel, ask us questions, and discuss CBeebies with other viewers. We may also post news about CBeebies which we think might interest you.

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Recent Feedback


Hi there,

I'm looking for more information about sending birtjday cards to cbeebies. My daughter's birtjday is on 2nd June so wondering if I can setill send one now and what is the procedure for that. She is very excited to get her card on Cbeebies. Would appreciate your response. Many Thanks, S xx


Is there a way or place to watch Swashbuckle in the US? My daughter fell in love with it on our last trip to the UK and I can't find it anywhere! Please help!


All the games are opening up in a scrollable window on Edge, Chrome and Opera and are unplayable. Please fix


I used Nina and the Neurons in my classroom for science last year and the kids LOVED the videos. I am unable to find them on this website or the Discovery Learning website that I used for them. Is there a link to these shows? How can I find them?


Hi my little sister is obsessed with everything’s Rosie and we can’t seem to find any toys of the cartoon anywhere.are they gone off the market or can ye help on where to find them thanks


Why did you remove so many of their amazing games? I used to play them as a kid and I think mine would love to now! Like Zingzillas, Mister Maker, The Lingo Show, Charlie and Lola, Big and Small. (Etc.) I think it would be a big hit again.


How can I get a hold of a CD with all the songs from Swashbuckle Pirate Songs?


My son, who is 5 years old is obsessed with numberblocks. We live in the United States of America. Is there a way we can purchase any numberblock products?


Buenos días. Mi nombre es Emma y vivo en León una ciudad del norte de España. Desde que mi hijo descubrió a los number blocks no para de preguntarme ¿donde los podemos comprar? Serían tan amables de informarme de cómo podría conseguir estos blocks tan preciados para mi hijo? Gracias por su atención. un cordial saludo. Emma


Good Afternoon, I would like to surprise my daughter with tickets to one of your shows. Hopefully between Christmas and the beginning of January. Can you please let me know if this would be possible, what is available and cost? Many thanks Lilli