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We love to hear from our little learners and their grown ups about CBeebies, so thank you for taking the time to look at our Audience Feedback section. This is where you can leave comments about the channel, ask us questions, and discuss CBeebies with other viewers. We may also post news about CBeebies which we think might interest you.

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Recent Feedback


Hello! My son absolutely adores and LOVES The Furchester Hotel. I think he has watched every episode available on Netflix at least twenty or more times. He is one and he gets so excited when he sees it and knows how to find it on Netflix on any tablet or phone. But sadly, it is leaving Netflix as of February 1st, 2020. I checked Amazon and couldn't find digital downloads or dvds. Is there somewhere else we could stream it or purchase it for my son? He just loves it so much.


Can you please tell me where I can buy the Hansel and Gretel Panto on DVD? My daughter loved it so much on cbeebies. Thanks.


My daughter loves Justin's House and would be happy to be a part of the audience. How can we apply for the tickets? Thank you and warm regards!


I work with a young man who would like to be part of something special wondering if we could do it at April, (Easter holidays) when I have him during the school holidays.

Thank you

Lucy Bretherton


Hi my son Javen is a huge fan of numberblocks - he would like to know when is season 7 coming out? thank you.


I really enjoy all the cbeebies features for children and was wondering if you can come to Kenya and entertain children,or form a live program for school children. I would like to be a part of it


Hello, My children completely love the junkyard and squashbuckle shows and they asked me if they can participate. Are they both still being filmed? How can we find out more about participation? I would appreciate any information.

Best regards, Lara Goloubev


Hi I'm twin girls are four and are obsessed with all shows on CBeebies. I'm just wondering if/how they could be members of the audience for Justin's House or Swahbucklers? Thx in advance.


Hi I would please like to request you to stop airing the cartoon Dinopaws as it not informative ,it has terrible pronunciation and grammatical errors and is not in any way suitable for kids who are trying to learn to talk in proper English. Please show more of Nina and the Nuerons, Yakka Dee , Kit and Pup, My world kitchen as those are very informative.


The Furchester Hotel is my sons favorite show you guys stopped airing it. Soon so will Netflix there are no dvd of the available. Will you guys please give me a way to allow my son to watch the only show that he actually likes. As we know a Furchester never gives up! Sincerely a supportive parent