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We love to hear from our little learners and their grown ups about CBeebies, so thank you for taking the time to look at our Audience Feedback section. This is where you can leave comments about the channel, ask us questions, and discuss CBeebies with other viewers. We may also post news about CBeebies which we think might interest you.

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Recent Feedback



My name is Aaron. I am four years old and have autism. I am numberblocks #1 fan! It is very difficult to get numberblocks and magazines in the US. Can you send me some numberblocks products?



I just wanted to enquire as to whether it is possible to get tickets to be in the audience for swashbuckle?

Thanks Caroline


Hi there, I am originally from the UK but now live in NZ. My toddler loves watching the my world kitchen youtube clips but think she would love to watch full episodes showing children in. Is there anyway we can get these? App, DVD etc? Many Thanks!


Dear CBeebies Team,

Will you pitch my upcoming project show called Pip And You? It's a preschool show where cute little creatures known as playoids go on missions to save each problem. (Similar to Numberjacks!) Also, is Twirlywoos getting renewed for a third series? I would love that!

~Thanks, Alex

P. S. Here's the original intro of the show:


Dear CBeebies Team,

I wonder if you can help me, I'm looking for quality picture from cartoon of Hey Duggee, as I want to print this picture on cake for my son's birthday. The picture what I'm looking for is where Duggee is with all freds.:) As I cannot find any good quality picture.

If you can help me I would very much appreciate.

Thanks a lot

Best Regards Anatolijs Nagijevs


I would like to find out how I can watch the new 2019 episodes of hey duggee. My son absolutely loves this show but Nick Jr does not show any new episodes. Currently on amazon video there are none of the newest episodes. How can I watch them? I would gladly pay for a DVD or anything. There is just no way for my son to see the new episodes that I have found here is the US. Thank you much


My 10 month old daughter loves the Furchester Hotel. I'm looking to buy her a Phoebe Furchester but I'm in the United States and I can't find an online store that sells her. Does anyone know a store that will ship a Phoebe Furchester to the United States?


Hi, My son is 3 years old and is obsessed with the Number Blocks. I was trying to get more games or toys online for him as he has the two apps already but would like a toy to play with. Are there any toys to purchase? He's asking Santa for some but I can't find any online. Also, I've tried to get onto the number blocks website but it keeps switching back to the main CBeebies page. Is there a problem with the page I'm trying to get onto?

Thanks, Roisin


My granddaughter is 5mos. old and adores cloudbabies are there going to be. any new episodes


Sorry for sending you too much similar questions that kinda look the same. Please forgive me and avoid all those three messages I sent you. The question is: Are you looking forward to make a zombie episode for Go Jetters? If so, please do not make the zombies eat brains and please do not turn any Go Jetter into one of them.